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FUNdamental Athletics
before and after school!


FUNdamental Athletics Academy was created to teach children at any level the skills they need to unlock their potential as young athletes.

By bringing athletes, teachers, coaches, and parents together, we've designed an after-school curriculum that lets your child thrive both academically and athletically.

  • Designated homework time with qualified professionals.
  • Skilled professionals teach the core essentials of a sport in a structured environment.
  • Progress is measured and recorded.
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Multi-sport curriculum

League and club sports emphasize participation and games played leaving little time for skills training.  

Our goal regardless of talent level is to improve the agility, power, speed and strength of your child to maximize their performance on the field.  By correct placement in the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) model your child can reach their full athletic potential.  

We cover multiple sports and also offer small group expert coaching for specific skills including; Football running backs coaching, Baseball swing coaching, Soccer skills and goalie coaching, Basketball shooting and ball handling

  • Baseball & Softball. Batting, fielding, proper throwing and swing technique, rules and strategy

  • Basketball. Shooting, passing, ball handling, rules and strategy

  • Soccer. Footwork, kicking, passing, goalie technique, rules and strategy

  • Flag football. Passing, catching, running and cutting, rules and strategy

  • Volleyball. Attacking, serving, passing, rules and strategy

  • Track. Sprinting, running, hurdles, field events

  • Nutrition. Healthy eating habits for maximum performance


Program Details

Serving Grades K-5th. Open to all students in the Lincoln area.


Before and After @ Adams, Cavett, Hill

After ONLY @ Wysong


8400 Cody Dr.  Lincoln, NE 68512
(17th and Yankee Hill Rd)

Monday thru Friday
7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.



Before & After School

  • $27.75 per day

  • $25.75 per day for sibling discount

After School Only

  • $27 per day

  • $25 per day for sibling discount

Tuition is calculated by number of school days over course of school year (August-May). For the 2019-20 school year there are 20.4 days per month.  Payment for each month will be the same.  This daily tuition price also includes tuition for when athletes would be in attendance for full days at FAA (ex: elementary plan days, spring break, etc.)

Snack is provided before homework and training.



Registration is now closed for the
2019-20 School Year!

Please contact to be added to the wait list.