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Offering preschool starting September 2019!

Preschool calendar similar to LPS, Sept 3, 2019 - May 22, 2020.
Fall Enrollment is open!


This is the perfect class for early learners to channel all their energy. Daily students will be immersed in an academic rich environment, with focus on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, art, science, nature, and social development. Guided through play students will discover new and fun things about the world around them and experience the joys of social interactions with peers. This class will also provide basic fundamentals and mechanics of sports in a positive team based approach focusing on coordination, flexibility, balance, and focus with an overall development of fine and gross motor skills. A child with a curious investigative spirit, adventurous and up for new challenges, excited by the prospect of meeting new friends, and ready for academic foundations will flourish in this class.
Tuesday and Thursdays 8:30am-12:00pm Cost: $195/month AGES: 3-5

Students in this academic based class will be immersed in a learning environment full of new challenges to pave the way for their kindergarten transition. Academically this class will focus on building vocabulary, increasing phonological awareness, letter and number sense, build math reasoning skills, and explore scientific properties. In addition to academic gains, expanding your students’ exposures to sports creates new and unique opportunities to enhancing their social foundations with positive peer interactions, conflict management skills, and building internal confidence, while developing their gross and fine motor skills. Problem solving will be a daily focus of this class to help generate new and creative ideas, foster an environment where we collaborate on solutions, and support each other through failures to encourage growth and determination to overcome. Team work will be an underlying theme in both the classroom and the gym for students to set high personal and whole class goals.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30am-12:00pm Cost: $285/month AGES: 4-5

Team Players:
Daily challenges academically, physically, emotionally, and socially will help students to build the confidence and endurance needed to succeed as a student and an athlete. This class will provide opportunities for students to build fundamental life skills like concentration, patience, emotional and cognitive growth. Consistent structure and routine and an environment filled with constant learning opportunities can inspire a life long love for learning. This class will be focused on creating many teachable moments for students to grow from, enhancing their prior learning experiences and building new ones. Everyday your child will be engaged and energized through intellectual and athletic challenges.
Monday-Friday 8:30am-12:00pm Cost: $375/month AGES: 4-5

Please email heather@faalincoln.com with any questions.

Our Preschool Philosophy 

“First we learn to move, then we move to learn!”

we believe students thrive in educationally fierce and diverse environments that are composed of highly engaging, physically challenging play structured FUNdamental activities. We encourage students to be creative, socially responsible, respectful of the others and their environment, and strive to meet personal goals with support. We use the M.O.V.E. model to help students reach their fullest potential.


M. Motivate to learn

Using hands on experiences filled with adventure and new opportunities, allow creative and expressive outlets through art, science, and engineering. Support students with generating new ideas and putting those ideas in motion. 

O. Observe Growth

Focus on personal strengths and areas for improvement helping students set personal goals and systems to achieve them. Using a team approach to support each other recognizing emotions in themselves and others, supporting students to build connections with peers and teachers. 

V. Valiant Effort

Giving it all you have each and every day is highly encouraged and recognized. Setting kids up to take on challenges both mentally and physically, attempt to solve problems and build confidence to try new things emphasizing that their effort is more important that their success. 

E. Enhance Educational Foundations

Students come to the table with a diverse set of backgrounds, ideas, and educational frameworks.  The goal is the enhance every students educational skill set. Meet students where they are and build up from there with multiple exposures, diverse encounters with educational materials, quarterly assessments to track skill mastery, and creative curriculum to reach each type of learner. 


PRESCHOOL runs: SEPT 3, 2019 - MAY 22, 2020, via LPS holiday schedule